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Ticket Reservations, Playing Membership and Patrons Scheme

Ticket Reservations

Neither Finchley Chamber Orchestra nor Finchley Chamber Choir has a permanent box-office but it is possible to reserve tickets for our concerts by telephone or email. These tickets will be held at the door to be paid for on arrival, either by cash or by cheque. We regret that we have no facilities to accept payment by credit or debit card, either in advance or at the door. We also regret that we can hold reserved tickets only until five minutes before the starting time of the concert.

The telephone number to use for reservations varies between concerts; if a number is not given on the concert listing page, please contact the Patrons Secretary (see below). For Finchley Chamber Orchestra concerts and the summer joint concert, please email; for Finchley Chamber Choir concerts and the Christmas joint concert, please email

Playing Membership

Membership is selective in order to retain musical standards and balance. At present, we have vacancies in all string sections. Vacancies also occur in the wind and brass sections from time to time. Formal solo auditions are not normally required. Instead, competent amateur or professionally-trained players with good sight-reading ability are invited to contact the Conductor or Membership Secretary who will arrange for them to attend rehearsals before any commitment is made on either side.

For further details about rehearsals and membership, please follow this link to our Playing Membership page, which also has the necessary contact details.

Patrons Scheme

We welcome applications from regular audience members, and former playing members who wish to keep in touch, to become Patrons of the orchestra. The support given by our Patrons enables us to extend our repertoire, sponsor new music and hire instruments, such as a concert grand piano, when necessary. However, it is not only their financial support that is important to us. It is equally important that we have a group of people who are interested in our activities, to whom we can circulate information and who will come to our concerts if they can.

For a minimum subscription of 20.00 (30.00 for couples) we offer:

  • advance information about all our concerts by e-mail
  • free refreshments during concert intervals or free programme notes
  • your name in the programme notes (unless you prefer to be anonymous)
  • opportunities to purchase concert recordings (not for public sale)

  • Patrons Secretary:
    Christine Casey
    020 8346 3722

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