Finchley Chamber Orchestra

Finchley Chamber Orchestra
Playing Membership

A warm welcome to potential new players

We welcome new members to our orchestra whenever and wherever there are vacancies, although membership needs to be selective in order to retain musical standards and balance.

Our regular rehearsals are on Thursdays, 7.45 - 10.00 p.m., on average 36 per season (September to early July with breaks for Christmas, Easter and school half-terms). We are very fortunate to be able to hold these in our regular concert venue (seen on our home page; see also the location map). Trinity Church, Nether Street, Finchley N12 is a large ‘open-space’ church that is warm and well-lit, with supportive acoustics, comfortable seating and full catering facilities.

We are keen to recruit additional experienced string players, particularly violin and viola players. In recent seasons, several long-standing members have departed to have babies, take jobs in other parts of the country, emigrate, and so forth. In an orchestra the size of ours, every member counts. We can (and do) maintain our high concert standards by recruiting professional players where necessary, but at a substantial cost to the remaining amateur members, whose membership fees rise accordingly. Our regular Thursday evening rehearsals are also more enjoyable for everyone if the orchestra is balanced throughout.

So, if you play the violin, viola, cello or double-bass to an advanced amateur standard and have good sight-reading ability and some orchestral experience, or if you have been professionally trained but no longer make your living by playing, we would love you to contact us (details below) with a view to arranging to come, informally, to a rehearsal.

Vacancies also occur in the wind, brass and percussion sections from time to time. Formal solo auditions are not normally required. If you are an advanced amateur or professionally-trained player with good sight-reading ability, you are invited to contact us (details below) so that we can arrange for you to join a deputies list, to play for occasional rehearsals before any commitment is made on either side.

Fees for playing membership

There is a termly fee for membership, which covers the costs of rehearsals. (These costs include music and premises hire charges and the fees of our professional conductor and leader. Our concerts are normally self-financing.) Students and others on limited incomes, for whom the fee could be an obstacle to membership, are invited to discuss this with the Chairman or Membership Secretary: no-one should be excluded from membership on financial grounds. The orchestra depends on members’ fees for its survival, but it also needs a full complement of committed players.

Contacts for playing membership

      David Lardi   020 8881 5949 / 07852 664114

      David Park   07928 278449

      Michael Lee   01707 372002 / 07810 867447